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Have your clients been using a lot of silicone based products such as gel, hair spray, conditioners? Using silicone based products can coat the hair. e‑Cure Treatment Prep will not be able to work effectively if the hair is coated. We recommend clients come in with fairly clean hair before the service.
Yes. Damaged hair is like a dry sponge, it feels rough and warped. e‑Cure Treatment Prep replenishes the hair with moisture, which helps make the hair more flexible and elastic, preparing it for the rest of the service.
the e‑Cure treatment is suitable for all hair types and textures. The service rebuilds and restores hair from the inside out with wild plant, deep sea minerals, and fruit extracts. Results last up to 8 weeks.
We recommend charging between $40-$75 per treatment.
We recommend using heat for the service. If you don’t have heat you can wrap the hair in a warm towel to experience the full benefits of the e‑Cure Treatment.
Timing is an issue regarding keratin treatments. When the hair is fresh e‑Cure cannot penetrate the hair. When the keratin wears off e‑Cure is recommended to help the hair adjust back to normal. If you have a client considering a keratin treatment, conduct the e‑Cure treatment first.